Sponsored posts

Omologist only allows sponsorship of posts on omologist.com blog.  We no longer accept guest posts.

Sponsoring an article

For most people, sponsoring an article on Omologist.com is the best way to have a article and link on Omologist.com as we have found 99.9% of submissions for gusts posts are generic content that does not create value and is just another listicle.  

We are after quality content that will provide readers value and a reason to come back and read more articles which then benefits sponsors as they get real traffic rather than just a link.

How a sponsored article works.

Sponsored articles are were you choose from a list of topics we supply and we write an in depth article on that topic OR you can sponsor an article that is not already sponsored.

In exchange for a fee we will provide you with a link or banner under the title for the article and at the bottom of the article indicating you as a sponsor.

If you would like to see examples of articles that we publish and that are available for sponsorship please see our blog.

If you would like to sponsor a blog article please email us at marketing at omologist.com and we can send details on the cost for sponsorship as well as topics we are considering putting together or let us know which article you would like to consider sponsoring.

Why we have introduced Sponsored Articles

We have found that almost 100% of content submitted to be a guest post to be rubbish and spammy.

By offering a sponsored post we can ensure that the content is not only valuable to the sponsor in the form of a link AND real traffic, but is also valuable to readers of our blog.

In addition we can ensure the article is on the highest quality, is on topic, and that will continue to be read and seen as an article of value.



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