Every Small Business should own their Google Data


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Every Small Business should own their Google Data

A constant issue we see for small business is that they do not own their own Google Analytics or Google Adwords or Google My Business or Google Search Console accounts.  Every small business should have full control of these and NOT your agency.

Google provides all these services free (except for running ads on AdWords) and they are key sources of information to drive insights to improve your online marketing.  If you don’t control these, you’re likely missing out on insights valuable to your business.

In many cases, we find don’t even have access then you’re running your business blind. You cannot run your business without your financial accounts, otherwise, you would not know if you’re making money or losing money.  You would not know how much your product or services cost you and you would not know how much margin you need to charge to make your business profitable, take home a salary and pay your employees. Same goes for these basic packages.

If you don’t have control of these and then take the time to analyse them or have them analysed you don’t know if your marketing strategy is working.  You don’t know if Social is better than Organic vs AdWords.  You don’t know how to allocate your funds going forward for marketing should be into AdWords or a new website or an email marketing strategy because you don’t know which is giving you the highest ROI and which others contribute (attribution analysis) to the sale or call or subscriber.

Further, if your agency has never provided you with access then you should ask for access immediately to start reviewing the data.  Don’t take no for an answer because it’s your data for your website and further Google provides a very easy mechanism for anyone to be provided access to any of these tools.

Many small businesses can spend a lot of money on marketing and much of it is going to waste because you don’t know what you don’t know.  Now you know what you don’t know and time to fix this. Google through these tools does provide a mechanism to collect this data.

This is valuable to your business and can provide insights that can help with your marketing and also with your sales process.

Once you have data then companies such as ourselves can help you to analyse this data and identify meaningful insights that can help you to improve your marketing.

Take ownership of your data today. In future articles we will cover some of the steps to setting up these accounts, linking them and the benefits they provide.

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Are you frustrated with your online marketing?  Is it not living up to expectations?

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