Does a platform do online marketing well?


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Does a platform do online marketing well?

Using a platform to build and maintain a website saves you a lot of time and helps you to get up and running very quickly.  Install the software or simply visit the platform website, hand over your credit card details, choose a look and feel and start to add some content and your off and running.

Also, usually with some searching (and not always with great how to information – yes wordpress I mean you) you begin to find out how to write your page titles, and possibly be able to hook your website up to Google Analytics, or Bing webmaster tools of Google webmaster tools (and not much else).

Many platforms provide the basics but in most cases they really fail to help the customer really understand AND implement an online marketing strategy.

Now just to clarify, online marketing does not just mean SEO or SEM ads on Google Adwords.  Online marketing is a broad term which includes SEM and SEO, but also includes  video, podcasts, content, email marketing, social, conversion optimisation, remarketing and more.  It is about how you market your website to the audience you want and all or some of these elements may be relevant, but should not be limited to SEO (search engine optimisation) or SEM (search engine marketing).

I recently had this discussion with a CTO and Angel investor as we were discussing if your better being on a platform to solve your online marketing problem.

As we indicated above, the platforms do the basics but I would argue they fail miserably beyond the basics.  SEO Training London wrote an article which compared each of the e-commerce shopping carts available in the market place.  In this article they ranked 14 different criteria to test for in each shopping cart system including Magneto, Shopify and Big Commerce.  These 14 criteria are important but really are just the starting point in your online marketing of your website and surprisingly it was amazing how many failed at some of these basics.

You see the basic factors that Google rank a web page by are estimated to be well over 200 and both Moz and Backlinko have developed list of possibles and probables in this algorithm.  So to rely on these basic factors for your SEO, let alone online marketing as a whole is folly.

Using a platform is a good starting point for online marketing as it takes some of the pain away from doing the basics.  However, if your serious about selling a product, or getting someone to read your blog or what ever your marketing online, there is certainly a lot more that needs to be done and the industry really fails in this regard.  Further it gets even harder if your not on a platform.

To be continued.

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Are you frustrated with your online marketing?  Is it not living up to expectations?

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