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Omology Guide

Getting started in Online Marketing


Before the internet, marketing for small business was seen to be easier.  For example, we have customers who relied on Yellow Pages and word of mouth and that provided significant business opportunities.  They paid a large sum to Yellow Pages each year, and then the phone rang for 12 months and delivered ten times their Yellow Pages spend in sales.

Today, unfortunately, marketing your business has become significantly complex.  Yellow pages has been replaced with the internet and with search engines (Google and Bing).  Marketing your business “online” now requires a website, but more importantly, it requires ongoing refinement as potential customers demand more than just a simple ad and phone number as was the Yellow Pages.  Now there is a stronger emphasis on building trust and engagement.  A website also provides the opportunity to demonstrate and provide additional information into the services, products sold by your business.

Keeping up is difficult because we are not all marketers and we have chosen a vocation usually not in marketing, but rather as a small business owner in another vocation.  However, to make the phone ring or to sell more products or services, it requires building some knowledge so you can engage the right people to help you grow your business.

The omology guide provides you with a guide to the main areas of online marketing.  Omology being the study of online marketing and an omologist, us, experts in online marketing.  The goal of this guide is to take you through each of the areas and provide a solid foundation for getting started and tweaking your existing online marketing.

In addition, we provide some insights into what to look for and better understand what might be best practice.


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