How it works

Step 1 Data and Analysis

You may be using a number of services to market your website already.  If so we will analyse this data.  Don’t worry if you don’t use some or all services, Omologist will show you what is relevant to you and how to implement so that we can improve your online marketing.

Step 1 in the Omologist process

Step 2 Prioitization

Once the analysis is completed, Omologist will prioritize all tasks that we have identified to a list of gigs. The order that we present the gigs is important to ensure we incrementally improve your online marketing.

Step 2 in the Omologist process

Step 3 Experts

Its great to know what needs to be done, but it’s even better to get the job done and implemented.  Omologist provides you with the ability to allocate the job to us, or you may choose to get your web developer or marketing team to do the gig.  You may even choose yourself.  We provide information on what needs to be done.

Step 3 in the Omologist process

Step 4 Ongoing measurement and analysis

Each gig you do, you will incrementally improve your online marketing.  But the internet is not constant, your competitors are not constant and your customers are being tempted by your competitors.  Omologist continues to monitor and analyse your data so you can check back regularly to see what else may need to be done to continue the process of constant improvement.

Step 4 in the Omologist process

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