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I have been using Google Ads on and off since 2001, not long after it was invented by Google.

I have seen how it has changed, what works and what doesn’t.

We manage a number of accounts for businesses and we have saved those businesses a great deal of money by improving the way the account is setup, using the the current or new features of Google Ads, or better selection of keywords and landing pages, writing ads that convert and more.

For example we had one client who was spending $1,500 per month and had 33,000 keywords in their account.  The calls they were getting didn’t relate to their business and the calls were wasting their time as they did not turn into paid customers.  They were not sure how to manage Google Ads but needed to generate leads.

They asked us to take over the account and we reduced the keywords down to just 40 keywords.  We also rewrote ads to target the experience and training of their team vs their competitors.  Multiple ads were written for each keyword to ensure that we had a competition to see what achieved the best return.  We included an emotional message in a range of ads that would appeal to certain customers. We setup remarketing that was relative to their business, retargeted ads to their target audience, setup single keyword ad groups and set up all their ad extensions.  We setup and maintain negative keywords to, overtime, eliminate any possible searchers that do not relate to their business they are in.  We made adjustments to their web pages to focus on the keywords we targeted.  We also increased the website speed to improve the customer experience.

While they were happy to keep the budget at the same level we have been able to reduce the budget to about $800 to $1000 per month and at the same time help take their work in progress from about $40,000 to $350,000. Further, the phone no longer rings all day long with calls that waste their time.

Now if the phone rings, 90% of those that call turn into customers.  They now have time to spend working on their business and the customers who are paying them rather than being an information service.

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Sean Cooney CEO and Co-Founder

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