Adwords – $2 in revenue for every $1 you spend

Adwords - $2 In Revenue For Every $1 You Spend

Google in their 2016 economic impact report said on page 9 that businesses make about $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords. We are interested in your thoughts on this statement. Please leave comments below.

How to Setup Google Search Console

Setup Google Search Console

Setting up Google Search Console provides some significant benefits to better understand visitors to your website. You can link this data into Google Analytics to get better insights into whats happening on each URL Google provides you with data on the search terms, position and clicks received for pages on your website By submitting your […]

How to find my Google Analytics Tracking ID

Google Analytics Tracking Id

Your Tracking ID from Google Analytics is used as a unique identifier to track your traffic.  For some sites like Squarespace or Google Tag Manager you just need your tracking ID and not all the Google Analytics code.  The steps below show you how to find that tracking ID. Log into Google Analytics Now click […]

How to setup Google Analytics for Squarespace

How To Setup Google Analytics For Squarespace

Setting up Google Analytics for Squarespace is straightforward, just lots of clicking! Quick version: Once logged in and at your website, click “Settings” > then “Advanced” > then “External Services”. Now open a new tab in your browser and log into Google Analytics and click “Admin” > then click “tracking info” > then click tracking […]

How to Set-up Bing Webmaster Tools

How To Set-Up Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools are a fantastic range of insights to help with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and better understand how your website and how your customers find your website on To get started with Bing Webmaster Tools is free and easy. Step 1: The first thing to do is visit the Bing Webmaster […]

Bounce rates for Mobile Devices

Bounce Rates For Mobile Devices

In our previous post, we flagged the importance of page speed. Here are some stats from Google that might scare you if you have a very slow website and you rely heavily on mobile traffic. You need to have your website load in less than two seconds even on mobile otherwise all the work you […]

Which Countries have the Fastest Internet 2017

Which Countries Have The Fastest Internet 2017

There is a lot of discussions and also a number of tools to help make your website pages load faster. But part of that equation is first having a great and fast internet connection. Unfortunately, with a world average of just 7.2Mbps, there is a long way to go when compared with these ten countries. […]

How many clicks do you get in Google search for each position

Click Thru Rates For Serps

A common question we get is based on the position in search results, how many clicks should I get. Our answer is that the nearer the top the more you get. However, these two studies provide some more granular results around this. Sources:  2013 study – 2017 study –

How Many Websites Use WordPress

How Many Websites Use Wordpress

WordPress is the most dominant CMS on the web with a total share of 30% and representing between 53% and 60% of all websites running a CMS.  To support WordPress there are also 55,216 plugins. Sources:   

How many websites use Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the largest Analytics program being used on the internet with, according to, 30m Live websites currently using Google analytics. But more surprising is that only half of all websites are using the Universal Tags and the other half are still using the older classic. Source:

Google AdWords has turned Evil

Google Adwords Has Turned Evil

Google AdWords announced today (see a copy of email below) that from 29 April, they will provide Ad suggestions which are based on your existing ads and that from this date for 14 days you can decide to manually dismiss or apply these ads to your relevant adgroups.  However, if after 14 days, if you […]

Sixteen ways to use SEO to optimise your landing page for a keyword

Sixteen Ways To Use Seo To Optimise Your Landing Page For A Keyword

Improving your landing page for organic listings. Optimising a landing page for a keyword does not need to be complicated, yet a large number of websites we see fail to do these basics.   Numerous times we find these simple basics are missing.  So here are ten things you can check /do to optimise the landing […]

Blog idea for small business and non-writers

Blog Idea For Small Business And Non-Writers

Generating unique content for a blog for many small businesses can be an extreme drag and is avoided until it really, really needs to be done. There are many times we review a customer’s website and it has been a year or two since they wrote their last blog article.   They are getting some […]

Online Marketing New Year Resolution – page optimisation – Part 2

Online Marketing New Year Resolution - Page Optimisation - Part 2

Following on from Website optimisation, the next step is to consider each of the pages on your website – page optimisation.   If you have a large website you may prefer to select those pages that are not performing well in order to improve traffic to those pages.   However you decide to tackle the […]