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Yasmin Ahmed

Yasmin is an accomplished B2B & B2C Digital Marketing and Brand Strategist specializing in Google Ads.

Yasmin Ahmed is the Founder of Excellero Digital Marketing (A Premier Google Ads Partner) with 14+ years’ experience in helping startups, small to mid-sized and large-scale businesses across the globe in creating and growing their digital footprint through Google Ads. Passionate and enthusiastic about digital marketing, she takes an in-depth, hands-on approach to strategic marketing with a focus on delivering a superior brand experience.

Looking at the dynamic digital landscape, the overwhelming abundance of Google’s new feature rollouts and the struggle to adapt to these, Yasmin believes in providing strategic building blocks to achieve pay-per-click success through this article that will help you get your fundamentals right and avoid common mistakes when launching Google Ad campaigns.

Yasmin holds a Diploma in Human Resource Management and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Outside of work, Yasmin loves taking impromptu road trips. When she travels overseas, she enjoys sampling local food and exploring the lesser known sights of her destination.



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