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Stefan Neumans

Stefan has been trying to find new ways to sell stuff on Google Ads since the 2014.

Even though he graduated cum laude in structural engineering, he resumed working with Google Ads after graduation (that was a side job at that time) and pretty soon discovered that he loves Google Ads more than structural engineering.

Since then he has co-founded his own full-service digital agency where he leads the marketing department. He specializes in high-price and luxury services for clients coming mostly from Western Europe and the United States.

Stefan speaks five languages (yes, really), having successfully ran Google Ads campaigns in three of those languages.

When he’s not being such a giant nerd, he spends his free time reading (to everyone’s surprise), playing video games, training for Ironman triathlon and explaining to his future wife why being able to talk about WWII tanks for 3 hours straight is not lame.



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