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Jelena Lunić

Jelena Lunić is an Analytics and CRO Specialist, with passion for data and digital marketing.

My name is Jelena Lunić, or as I like to call myself – Google Jedi. I am Google Analytics, Google Tag Management and Google Ads Specialist. My learning curve started with community management where just after 2 months I realised that I need data and information to act. At that moment I started my Google Jedi Career.

I have more than 5 years of experience in managing, creating and improving Google Ads Campaigns for more than 50 Clients. I am very passionate about Search Engine Marketing and about using data to improve performance. Beside this, my other expertise is creating all the trackings one website needs through GTM. Analyzing data, reading data, and making decisions based on that data, decisions that will improve UX, sales, or traffic. In my 5 five year long career, the part that I missed the most is not having a mentor who will lead me through these Digital Marketing jobs, so I took matters into my own hands and eventually learned it all by myself. That’s why one of my wishes was to start writing articles that will help others in the learning process.

I am a very passionate person, who spends her spare time listening to Chet Baker and Ottis Redding on her gramophone, who enjoys taking long walks in the nature and person who very much appreciates a good book as well some free time to read one.



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