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Before the internet, marketing was easier as you placed an advertisement in the yellow pages and the phone rang.

In contrast, online marketing is complex requiring significant knowledge and expertise from a range of disciplines to generate traffic, generate calls or leads, introduce new readers/subscribers or generate product sales.

Omologist is a platform designed to help individual website owners, business owners, agencies and marketing teams manage their online marketing efficiently, through greater transparency, eliminating distractions, providing focus based on facts rather than bias, and providing an end to end solution.



The study of online marketing.


An online marketing expert.

In order to drive your marketing ROI, it is important to follow a process.

Omologist has built and tested a process to improve ROI.  For example, if you don’t fix your website and pages then you could get a lower score for your AdWords Quality Score and you need to bid more to increase your AdRank for a keyword.  By first focusing on your website and individual pages not only do you create a better experience for your customers, you improve the landing page score in you Quality score on AdWords, providing more flexibility in bids in paid advertising.  Omologist can guide you and focus on the tasks that first need to be addressed.

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The process continues. Changes are always taking place

The process never stops.  Customers change, competitors change, technology changes and Google or Bing decide to make changes.  Online marketing is continually evolving.  Therefore it’s important that we continue to evolve and, based on each change apply this knowledge in our diagnostic process.  Omologist will then prescribe and offer a treatment to fix or address an issue with your online marketing.  Lastly, we continue to measure and repeat this process 24/7.

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Sean Cooney
Co-Founder and Managing Director