About Omologist

We are a team focused on improving Paid Digital Marketing

We love data and finding ways to improve how a marketing campaign performs while also not forgetting the mundane chores, make them easy to maintain and ensure a well run campaign.

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Omologist combines data from SERP results, Google, Amazon and Bing for better insights



Experts / best practice


These four core functions underpin the platform we are building

It’s not enough to do just analysis, or big a data collector, or focus on serving just one platform like Google Ads.  Internet marketing is integrated and you cannot do one well without focusing on all four functions.  It’s great to do analysis but you then need to use it to prioritise what needs to be done, and implement best practice

Meet the Team
Developers, Designers and Dreamers: That’s Who We Are!
Sean Cooney

Sean Cooney

Co-Founder and CEO

Passion for analysis and improving paid digital marketing and providing access to all to improve returns

Venu Ekambaram

Venugopal Ekambaram


Curious to consult, understand and innovate simple solutions for complex needs through technology.

Omologist — Omology means the study of digital marketing and an Omologist is a digital marketing professional