Omologist - Online Marketing for small business

Omologist Coming Soon. Stay Tuned!

Online marketing for Small Business made easy

Online marketing for your business does not need to be hard. Let us show you how to improve your online marketing activities. Our dashboard will provide you with insights and our work flow will priortise what needs to be done to improve your online marketing returns. Not sure how to fix an identified problem? We have a team of freelancers who are ready to help.


Omologist is a platform to help your small business manage its online marketing. We undertake ongoing analysis of your website, email marketing, PPC campaigns, content and more to work out what needs to be addressed to tweak your online marketing activities and maximise your return on investment. Open a free account today and let us show you haw we can improve all your online marketing activities.


Want to visualise how your online marketing campaigns are going. Our dashboard will analyse all your data and provide insights into how your social, e-commerce, AdWords, website and more are performing


We anlayse your data and provide you with a priotised work plan to guide you through what needs to be fixed first in order to maximise your online maketing activities. Knowing where to start is extremley important in improving your return on your marketing budget.


It's not enough to analyse and provide a work plan. You need to get things fixed. Our team of freelancers will help get your online marketing campign fixed and in working order. Choose from quality experts in every area to get each job done.


Our community of experts and educational tools will help you to get to best practice with your online marketing. See what the community leaders are recommending and implement those practices to maximise your return on marketing dollars.


Omologist is in BETA. If you woukd like to be a BETA Tester join our list and we will email an invite as we release invitations.