"Omologist will help you analyse and improve your online marketing ROI"

So how does Omologist work?

Omologist provides a full solution to improve your online marketing ROI.
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No need to spend thousands of dollars on dozens of websites for analysis tools or attempt to interpret the mountain of data. Not everyone has the time or experience. We do all the analysis for you.

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Once we complete analysis, provides you with a prioritized list of "gigs" which will show the most important gig to be addressed at the top. Our algorithm analyses your data and ensures you can focus on what's important.

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Getting your Gigs done

We provide the functionality to get your gigs done by experts or Omologists in every field. No need to go searching for an expert, we generate the description of the gig, provide information on what it will cost, and link you to an expert.

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Ongoing Improvement

As you work through your prioritised gigs you will see improvements with your online marketing campaigns. will continue to analyse your data and always be looking for improvements.

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There are thousands of websites that provide tools to do analysis on all parts of your online marketing - social, email, website, keywords, AdWords, and more, but they can get very expensive and you still need to do the analysis yourself using their tool.
Not everyone has the time or expertise to do all this mountain analysis and you want to be working on your business, not working on spreadsheets and tools which are full of jargon and expensive. takes this problem away and does all this work for you. You provide access to your data and we analyse it for you to uncover opportunities. This saves you a lot of time, money and headaches.

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Gigs proprietary algorithm presents you with a prioritised list of gigs.
This list of online marketing insights is sorted from the most important to take care of today to drive ROI, to the least important. And as you complete these gigs we continue to sort, and prioritise your online marketing activities.
The Gigs list provides you with guidance on where to start and whats important. You no longer need to guess or listen to the bias of a vendor with a particular focus. Our algorithim knows what's going to be the next step to overall improvement.
Our algorithm is constantly analysing all our customers data to know what provides the best improvements in ROI.

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Getting the job done

The next question you ask is ok, but who is going to do this for me or how do I do this or where can I find someone to help? solves this by providing you with access to experts or Omologists. No longer do you need to search for an Omologist. writes the description for the gig that needs to be done and sends it to the omologists for you. will also give you a estimate on what it might cost and how long it will take. Once the Omologist has indicated the gig is done in many cases will check and let you know if we agree. makes the process of managing your online marketing fully transparent.

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Ongoing Measurment and Improvement

As each adjustment and gig is completed, you want to ensure that there is improvement. In addition, technology is always changing so you want to keep on top of best practice to make sure your online marketing is delivering the best return. never stops analysing your data. We constantly review your data to look for opportunities as technology changes, or for new features from Google, Bing Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp or other services you may use that will improve the return on your marketing spend.
Our technology never stops working and will continue to measure and analyse your online marketing so you can be sure your maximising your marketing spend.

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About Us

Before the internet, marketing was easier as you placed an advertisement in the yellow pages and the phone rang. In contrast, online marketing is a complex requiring significant knowledge and expertise from a range of disciplines to generate traffic, generate calls or leads, introduce new readers/subscribers or generate product sales.

Omologist is a platform designed to help individual website owners, business owners, agencies and marketing teams manage their online marketing efficiently, through greater transparency, eliminating distractions, providing focus based on facts rather than bias, and providing an end to end solution.

We welcome all feedback so we can make a platform that assists all website owners large and small as well as agencies and in house marketing teams with their online marketing.

Omology - the study of online marketing.

Omologist - An online marketing expert.

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